5 ways to make your home secure

It’s an obvious statement to put forward, but security comes with having the right facilities and equipment in place. No matter the property, keeping your family and friends safe requires investing in a number of measures and steps to improve the overall protection of your residence, but the effort involved will quickly pay off.
Luckily, there’s a couple of easy steps you can take on your end to minimise threats around your home:

1. Keep porch lights on
Switched on porch/entrance lights gives the impression that there is activity going on in the house and that people are present. Moreover, it helps to easily keep an eye over the surroundings. A well-lit-up place also provides less space for a stranger to hide.
2. Become friends with your neighbours
Neighbours are the fastest rescuers available during an immediate threat, so it never hurts to have a good relationship with them. Inviting them for dinner or having frequent communication is a plus. This way you can ask each other to keep an eye on each other’s home and inform others if some suspicious activity occurs.

3. Add more resistance!
According to the recent reports, two-thirds of the burglaries are a result of unlocked doors or open windows. It’s important that home owners install security doors and window grills to making entrance points safer, and at the same time curbing the probability of the breaking in of burglars.

4. Add alarm system
You can make effective use of technology to further increase your security. Burglar and window alarms are one of the most effective methods. As soon the burglar tries to enter the house, emergency authorities get immediately notified. It is also accompanied with shrill sound alarms that go louder and louder with each passing second. This situation leaves the intruder in bewilderment which finally results in his escape.

5. Be clever!
You should avoid committing common mistakes. Don’t forget to lock the door and close the windows properly when you leave the home. Moreover, prevent the surrounding trees and plants from growing too much thick and shabby around the entrance points, especially windows.