What are MSD Melbourne’s security products made of?

Our steel security doors and windows are made with high quality and extremely secure steel. After manufacturing each product is zinc plated and powder coated, to both protect it from corrosion and give it a long-lasting finish.

Our aluminium security doors and windows are constructed with an extraordinarily strong aluminium frame. This includes our MSD Melbourne range, which are made of 2mm steel plate zinc plated and powder coated frames. Each can be fitted with limited vision mesh or Tuffscreen and come in 25 powder coated Dulux colours.

Our Crimsafe products are made with 2mm thick steel plate laser cut frames and fitted with tamper resistant stainless steel screws, Tessa tape insulator and 0.9 diameter Tensile Tuff Security mesh made of Premium Grade 304 high tensile stainless steel.


How many designs are there in the Designer Crimsafe Range?

There are currently 15 designs in this range, however we are always designing more so keep an eye out for when we add to the collection.


What is the cost of the Designer Laser designs?

Crimsafe $1550 – $1850
Steel  $1600
Aluminium $1100


Can I get a sliding security door?

Yes! We can create security doors for your sliding doors, double doors or even French doors. Come on into one of our convenient showrooms to see what we can do.


Can I alter features of the security doors?

Yes. Each of our security doors is laser measured and custom created to ensure perfect alignment and fit. We can alter design features and fit it to your existing structure. We can also take into account lead lights and arched porch enclosures, for example.


What is the maximum size that a Designer Crimsafe security door can be manufactured to?

930mm wide x 2510mm high. We can make custom sizes if needed at an extra cost depending on size


Where can I view your range?

We have eight showrooms across Victoria, and we’d love to welcome you in to view our Melbourne security door range at any of these locations.

See our showrooms here.


What areas do you service?

We have offices in Epping, Victoria, and Geelong, Victoria, but we service all of the Melbourne metro area and outer suburbs, and all of Geelong, and the surrounding suburbs. So, if you need security doors in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, western suburbs, the wider-Geelong area or any place in between, give us a call.


What types of warranties do you offer on your security doors?

We’re so confident in the quality and durability of our security doors and windows, that we offer a manufacturer’s 10-year warranty on any defects. And our steel door collection comes with a 25-year structural guarantee. We are proud to manufacture security doors and windows that are built to last.


What is the process for security window or security door installation?

We begin by providing you with a free security assessment of your home, to give you our professional advice on how to keep yourself and your family safe. We also measure doors and windows so we can provide you with an accurate, no-obligation quote.

If you wish to proceed with the order, we’ll organise for a final measure and all the paperwork to come to you for confirmation and execution. We do require a deposit, and then we begin manufacturing your products.

Once the items are nearing completion, our team will contact you to schedule a convenient time for your security window or security door installation. At that appointment, the installation team will collect the final balance owing and install your new security products.


How much does Crimsafe cost?

Crimsafe costs vary depending on the size of the product. Crimsafe mesh comes in standard widths which, working with other factors, determine the pricing structure. So, while we can give you a general cost (see below), it’s best to seek a quote for your specific project.

In general, Crimsafe costs are:

• Window grilles – approximately $450 – $650

• Doors – approximately $1000 – $1200

• Sliding doors – approximately $1100 – $1300

• Porch enclosures — $2500 – $5000

For additional products, or for a quote on your specific project, get in touch.


What happens if there is a bushfire?

Crimsafe security doors and windows can help protect your home from risks associated with bushfire. Crimsafe screen technology bars embers from passing through, and its fire attenuation feature reduces the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 45%.


What happens if there is a fire in my home?

Crimsafe has developed a patented range of emergency escape windows. The Safe-S-Cape range of products is designed to let you through the window with just the touch of a button meaning you are never trapped in your home.


I don’t want bars on my windows. What else can I do?

Our security window screens use a stainless steel cut resistant wire that can keep you safe without taking away from the appearance or view of your home.


Will I be able to use a pet door with my security door?

Yes. We can fit a pet door or flap to any of our security doors.

Read more about it here.


Questions about our Crimsafe products?

For more questions about Crimsafe security doors and windows, read here.


Other questions?

Get in touch. We’re ready to help!