Lockwood 8654 Hinge Security Door Lock

Privacy and security are essential needs of every individual. When thinking of upgrading home security, most people consider the option of burglar alarm, motion detectors and cameras. But they usually forget the most crucial component of a secured property—the door lock.
It may be obvious, but these are still the number one defense tools for protecting any property from intruders. Best of all, there’s now a variety of door locks on the market that are manufactured either by local shops or by renowned brands. In this article we will discuss the specifications of Lockwood 8654 Hinge Security Door lock.

The Lockwood 8654 door lock is designed in Australia. It is manufactured according to the standard conditions while keeping care of precise measurements and quality checks. It is tested in accordance with AS4145.2-2008 to ensure that the final product is reliable, durable and long-lasting. Maximising the security level and the safety of customers, Lockwood 8654 door locks come with two-stage locking features.
By turning the key, the first selection activates the safety lock. As a result, you will require the key to open the door from outside, but the key will not be required for unlocking the door from inside. This mode ensures exterior security.
In addition to this, you can enter the safe mode by turning the key to second selection. This will guarantee interior as-well-as exterior security because you will require a key for unlocking the door from either side.

The dual security system provides the owner a choice to select a suitable security method that is best suitable at the moment. Safety locks are highly recommended if you frequently go outside, such as going out for market or in the scenario when everybody in the house is busy or sleeping, without bothering anyone.
Secure locks enhance protection to a high level. It is preferable when you don’t want the kids to go outside without the company or permission of the elders. This mode also becomes handy in situations where burglars are lucky enough to enter the house through windows or the roof. Consequently, they will be unable to escape through main doors unless the keys are provided. This provides enough time for the police to reach at the moment and hatch their heinous plans.

Your one-time investment, is in reality, the long lasting security for your family—if you’re interested in getting a Lockwood 8654 system for your property, feel free to contact the MSD team.