Our Story

our-story-sideHello and welcome to MSD Melbourne my name is Greg Allingham, I am the owner and director of MSD. This is my story and insight into our company’s background and vision for home security and family protection.

Our vision and statement is quite simple and has stood the test of time “Real Security for True Life Situation’s” that’s really about it. Home security is not a joke, security doors should actually be secure, this may sound silly but there in lies the problem most and sadly most security doors aren’t actually secure.

There is many contributing factors but the main stand out and biggest of them all is that the actual Australia standard for security doors was developed in 2008. Now that’s a long time ago and simply, it’s inadequate. It doesn’t offer security it only equates to a barrier. This is not what we are all about, we want you and you family to feel safe and secure.

This is the main reason why we are Melbourne and Geelong’s Crimsafe and Steel Security Door specialists, as these two types of doors offer real security for your loved ones. We believe in being a specialist is very important these days, even in the security door space there is a lot of companies that sell security doors but most sell a lot of other things as well including blinds, curtains, shower screens etc. Which in our opinion you cannot be a expert at them all!
We are a customer service based company that prides itself on exactly that, we are family owned and operated in the true meaning, which we love, it gives us that personal touch with care, understanding and compassion.

It all began for me in 1990 from very humble beginnings and at the age of 20, in a small shop in Plenty Rd Reservoir. This was the showroom, factory and head office and believe me it was a very small. Back then the company wasn’t called MSD Melbourne our original name was Michael’s Security Doors.
It was a one man business I measured everything, made everything and then even installed everything. It was long hours and days, even weekends, but you just do what you have to do in business. I believe this work ethic has given me a great grounding and understanding of what business is really about ‘ hard work ‘ nothing happens unless you work at it and for it.

From these humble beginnings you soon learn customer service is the key to success and it has a wonderful way of making your actual life a lot nicer day to day.
We gradually grew and grew as a business, we opened a small factory in West Heidelberg and I was able to employee some manufacturers and installers to take the pressure off.
Our next big move was relocating everything to a larger factory in Thomastown, this enabled us to have the factory showroom and head office under one roof.

By now the whole family is involved in the business and that has and still is very important to me. I really want to pass on the same work ethic and passion for customer service, and also help them get to where they want to be.

Over time we discovered our customers where having trouble trying to get into our showroom in Thomastown as they lived in other areas and thought it was a bit to far. So we made the huge leap and take the showrooms to the customers and expand our reach. Retaining Thomastown of course, we opened our first in Ravenhall, next was Doncaster then Bentleigh and now our newest showroom is in Geelong. This is true sign of my commitment to customer service and taking care in business.

All of our dedicated staff members are actually employed and trained by us we have no contractors at all. This is to ensure the highest quality product and service is achieved and to back us being your specialist.

To this day I still come out to measure along with my son-in-law Travis who is our General Manager. We are the only ones that will come to see and help you in your home.
My wife Catherine handles all the administration, my daughter Tahlee takes care of all social media and simply fills in the gaps for what ever I need. This is what I mean by a family business, in actions, not just only by name.

This is now not just my story anymore it’s now our story.
I hope you have a better understand our passion for home security and commitment to our customers.

Kind Regards
Greg Allingham