Steel Technical


The Pure Strength of Steel

The simple and the truest statement we can make is that steel doors have been in jail’s for a long time, they simply do what they are supposed to do ‘ Secure a Opening’. Steel as a raw material is one of the strongest materials on the planet, it just makes sense that a steel security door will protect you and you family from intruders.
Our goal is to create beautiful designs with class, character and charm, we want to push the boundaries of design we want to produce doors that suit all homes not just one certain type or style. We pride ourselves on innovation and hard work through pure engineering and new technology and with the help of 3D Programs. We believe we lead the market place in quality and service at no extra cost. We have tried to make most of our designs to be of a similar cost so we can recommend the actual door that really suits you house without price coming into the equation. We actually do care which design you choose and of course we will help you, this is just part of what we mean in taking pride in what we do. We have to put our name on it as well and that’s important to us. Steel security doors have and always will stand the test of time, we just want to do it better.


Welding Our Way

We believe we have changed the way security doors are made and welded, we manufacture them to fit your door jamb and only your door jamb, not to a basic standard that could fit the next door neighbours or the house down the street. There is no such thing as a standard size security door, every single door jamb is different none of them are perfectly square or even straight, this is just the nature of being made from timber. If your security door is not made to measure properly it actually won’t even pass the Australian Standard. Our way takes a longer to manufacture and it is less efficient production wise but the outcome is a much stronger security door with a higher quality finish that passes the Australian Standard. As these photos illustrate, this is a example of how we weld from the back to hide the welds as much as possible this offers a much cleaner and more precise finish. These small things do make a big difference to the overall finished product. This is just one example of the many different applications that we have developed though pure engineering, please visit any of our showrooms to see more examples.

9hook lock

Security Door Lock

Well when it comes to the lock of a security door it’s pretty easy as there in our opinion is only one that stacks up. It’s the one and only market leader Lockwood a brand with a proven record. Their latest model is the Lockwood 8654 double deadlock with hook feature and dual select, this simply is the best security door lock by far. One of the main features is instead of a normal lock tongue shooting out straight the 8654 has hook that actually grabs the door frame behind it to stop a jemmy attack. It also has the dual select feature that allows you to lock the door on the outside once and if someone is still inside they can still get out in case of fire. We also combine it with Lockwood’s 5 pin anti bump security cylinder to add even more security and safety, this will stop intruders from trying to bump the cylinder pins to gain easy access. If you want to go the extra mile in security you can even turn it into a triple locking system, now that will be one super strong steel security door.

1mitre vs butt

Mitre versus Butt

As the photo illustrates there is quite a big difference in the strength and appearance of a Butt joined corner and a fully welded Mitred Corner. It obviously looks better and it makes the top edge of your door a lot cleaner and a better quality finish. A steel security door frame has a small radius on it and if you butt join the corner you cut through the radius and leave the top edge exposed. The real and main reason is that it simply adds a lot more structural strength and helps with the zinc protection process as it seals the corner. We have all seen a lot of steel security doors rusted out at the bottom, this is why we Mitre all four corners to give your more strength and better rust protection.

3hinges difference

Security Pin Hinges

Most steel security doors have flat faced butt hinges the same as timber doors with only a fixed pin on the external side, we have developed a hinge with a fixed pin on the external side to stop the pin from being knocked out and a weight bearing security pin internally that goes from your door jamb through into the security door itself. This extra security stops anybody from putting a jemmy bar under the door and shearing the hinges and also stops any movement in relation the pure weight of the door. It’s a true security hinge that adds extra security and stops the door from dropping.


Heritage Doors

We have specialising in heritage steel security doors forever, we have developed steel security doors that are direct carbon copies of the old timber fly doors of the era. As you can see by the photo, we have even supersized the thickness of the decorative corners which is direct correlation to the timber doors. We lazer cut them so ever single one is exactly the same. They add the depth perception to the door’s overall character. We also use solid steel spindals turned on a lathe that are exactly the same as the turned timber post form the era.
Please check out our quality and range of heritage doors in the gallery they should speak for themselves.



These straps are a important part of your security door more than most people realise. They are the part that holds on the mesh, this might not sound to important, but they are if you have security mesh it stops it from being kicked off. We have made them bigger and wider and in one piece to add strength, most people use a 12 mm strap in 4 to 6 individual pieces and some even use aluminium straps and this can cause galvanic corrosion. We use a 20 mm steel strap and weld it as one full strap, this simply makes it stronger and gives your wire mesh a lot more stability and coverage from attacks. The extra added bonus and lets face it nobody really wants to re-mesh their security doors. The wider and stronger strap helps keeps all the different types of mesh we offer intact.


Zinc Plating

All of our steel security doors include the best rust protection in the industry ‘Zinc Plating’. This is known throughout the security door industry for its quality and durability, there really isn’t anything else that even comes close. Zinc plating is quite a process and takes three days to complete. A lot of other security door companies use grey etch which comes out of a spray can you simply buy from Bunnings, this obviously won’t go the distance in real rust protection, it also makes the powdercoating a lot softer more susceptible to chipping. Zinc plating offers the best surface to powdercoat over as it helps with the connectivity of the electric charge used in powder coating to make the powder attract to the surface of the door which produces the best quality finish possible. The photo illustrated shows a scroll in raw steel then the zinc plating and the powder coated finish this is true rust protection and quality finish.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is really the only way to colour and protect your door as spray painting is simply not going to last, it will chip scratch and flake off over time. It will not adhere to the zinc plating properly so powder coating is pretty much the standard though out the industry. What we do is make sure you get the best quality powder coating finish possible we only use the market leader Dulux powders. We even pre heat the door before the start of the coating process to release any of the zinc gases left inside. This helps the powder to stick to the metal surface to stop a chemical reaction. There are over 100 different Dulux colours to choose from so there should be something that will suit you best.