Travelling Abroad? Here’s how you can keep your home protected

Security is a big issue these days, whether you are indoors or outside. Most of us spend a major part of the day outdoors which makes the security of our home a concern. Gone are the days when you just pull the door and leave or keep the window open at night. Ensuring the security of your loved ones and your hard earned possessions is your responsibility and protecting them should best become a part of your daily routine.

Spring is the time for travelling and a lot of us are buying tickets for our annual trip abroad. Whether it is trying your luck at the casinos of Las Vegas or scuba diving in the Maldives, you might not want to return home to a sight of a broken main door. Follow the suggestions below to remain tension free about the safety of your home when you are travelling abroad.

• No alternative to a house sitter. This could be a family member such as your parents or a sibling or a very close friend. This is helpful mainly because the house doesn’t appear unoccupied and it can be best protected when someone is actually living inside. Besides, daily maintenance work such as watering the plants, feeding the pet, etc. is also taken care of.

• If you have loved your neighbours, let them return it now. Inform one or several of your neighbours, if possible, that you won’t be home for a certain period. Request them to keep a look on your house and inform you if anything suspicious happens or in case of an accident. Its best to have more than one person or family who will be on the lookout but you must also be willing to return the favour when it’s their turn to go.

• Be in touch. There’s no point in not being accessible if you have asked someone to look after the house. Check your mail once every day, check messages and return calls if you haven’t been able to take them. Check with the hotel once and ask if they have received any mail or calls on your behalf. Ask them for a provision to check mail in case your phone or laptop’s internet connection is not working.

• Request the mail guy to not come for those few days. It is through such services that the news spreads. Not everyone needs to know that you aren’t home.

• Your home security system’s emergency contact numbers should be changed to access your house sitter or your neighbour or a relative – people who will be in charge of looking after the building.

Last but not the least, there’s no need to announce your trip to the world, while you are in it. Share photos once you have returned – don’t make the obvious mistake of pointing out that no one in your family is home.