Why Choose Aluminium Security Doors?

There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing a security door for your home. It’s a big investment for your house and the appearance of the door can dramatically change how your home looks, as well as its street appeal. 

Of course, the other big consideration is the actual security of the door and how well it’ll protect you. 

At MSD Melbourne, we love aluminium security doors because they provide you with the best of both worlds: the tough security you need and the stunning appearance to enhance your home. 

Whether you’re building a new home, moving into a new place with outdated security, or just upgrading your door… Here’s why you should choose aluminium security doors for your home. 

Why choose aluminium security doors for security?

Aluminium security doors offer excellent security and protection for your home. Obviously, these doors are only as good as the screens you put in them. We always recommend pairing any security door you purchase with a Crimsafe security screen

Strong material to protect you

Aluminium doors offer excellent protection and security. This material is stiff, strong, and robust, offering amazing protection against intruders. 

Aluminium can withstand a significant amount of pressure or force before it begins to bend, but it’s still a really lightweight material. It means it’s ideal for security doors, as it’s hard to penetrate yet light and easy to swing open — for the intended user.

Built to last

Aluminium is a durable material and it’s enduring. This material won’t rust and it isn’t very likely to corrode or be affected by weather, moisture, or insects. 

So, these doors are resistant to weather and resilient in a large range of weather events. As a result, aluminium doors are amazing solutions for beachside homes. 

The salt in the air can sometimes cause the metal to rust or corrode, so an aluminium security door will easily withstand this. 

Fire-resistant material

Aluminium won’t bend or melt under high temperatures and it won’t combust in the case of a fire. So, aluminium security doors are an amazing way to fireproof your home.

In the scenario of a bushfire disaster, you’ll appreciate having a fire-resistant, non-combustible security screen door. 

No rust or corrosion

Aluminium will last forever. The material is resistant to corrosion and rust, meaning it’s unlikely to weather and deteriorate over time. 

This also means they don’t need to be so thoroughly maintained. You can simply just wipe the door frame down as it needs. 


Why choose aluminium security doors for the look?

Of course, aluminium security doors offer some of the best security features and protection. But they’re also so good for their appearance and their impact on your home’s appearance. 

Lose the grille

Aluminium security doors and their strength means that when they’re paired with a Crimsafe security screen, there’s no need for security bars or the diamond grille. 

Homeowners can be reluctant to use security bars or grilles. These designs are pretty outdated for security doors and they don’t look so appealing on your home.

When you use a stainless steel security mesh, like Crimsafe, there’s no need for the security grille or bars as the screen is impenetrable and already offers the ultimate protection.  

Stunning powder coating options

You can choose from a variety of finishes for your security door. Have your aluminium frame hot-dipped galvanized, zinc plated or powder coated. 

Powder coating is the most popular option and a modern design trend for these frames. You can choose from a range of colours and finishes to ensure the door suits your home and matches the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and your wooden door. 

A quality look without the big price tag

Despite its longevity, resistance to damage, and stunning appearance — aluminium door frames actually aren’t that expensive. They’re one of the more affordable options when it comes to security door frames. 

While aluminium itself is a more expensive material, a security door doesn’t require that much aluminium to achieve the same security as a steel counterpart. 

It’s also more cost-effective than alternative options due to its longevity. Rather than the extra out of pocket costs on maintenance or a door replacement, it’s a once-off purchase that should last a lifetime. 

Barely any maintenance required

Like we said, these aluminium door frames don’t rust or corrode and generally, they last forever. So, they’re excellent when it comes to maintenance. There’s no need for routine cleaning or maintenance, no need for paint touch-ups, and no stress around discolouration.

Due to being so resistant to rust and corrosion, aluminium security doors aren’t at risk of becoming damaged without maintenance. 

So, you can dust or give your door a wipedown however often you like. 

If you opt for a powder coating, your aluminium frame won’t require any touch-ups. The powder coating won’t chip, fade, or wear, and is an extremely enduring finish. It also protects the frame against stains or marks. 

At MSD Melbourne, we love aluminium security doors for their sleek and modern design, their durability, and the security they provide your home with. 

Ready to get an aluminium security door installed? Get in touch with our team to get a free quote. 

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