Why I Love Security Screen Doors (And You Should Too!)

Think about those balmy summer nights and how you await the cooling evening breeze – just enough to reduce the temperature from the searing heat of the day. Enough so that the ambient temperature overnight allows for a more restful and complete sleep. Oh, sweet dreams…

Now picture a stiffly and enclosed sweat box of a house. It is tightly locked up for the night, doors and windows firmly closed. This does keep the occupants completely safe, together with the suffocating, stale heat of the day, causing for a restless and exhausting night of wakefulness.
No longer do you need to spend such uncomfortable and tiresome nights tossing and turning, waking up to an alarm totally wretched – unable to face the new day!

The evolution of the humble screen door

Screen doors have been around since year dot, but in more recent times they have evolved into a much better product than ever before.
Earlier designs could not even survive the family pet cat scaling its entirety. Even the pet dog would have a go at the lower regions of the screen door. These doors were lucky to last a couple of years before their run down appearance prompted home owners to once again replace them with another of a similar life span.
Never would you dream of leaving the house secured over night with only the screen door in place. How easy would it be for ill intending intruders to break in through those weak and flimsy screen doors? Even during the day if you wanted to slip out for a short while and the cool change had just arrived – even then you would not leave the house secured in this fashion.
Sliding doors, hinged doors & window screens were primarily seen as insect deterrents and that was all. But all that has changed, with the advent of a screen mesh strong enough to withstand the most brutal of attacks by crazed and desperate criminals.

Balmy summer nights can now be enjoyed with these strong screen doors firmly locked, whilst allowing the gentlest of breezes to circulate through your house, reducing the overall temperature and allowing sweet slumber to encapsulate your mind.

This sturdier mesh makes a wise and practical investment for your home, outlasting the inferior mesh over and over again. Even your pets will be outsmarted by its endurance and strength.